Greenhouse Backbone Structures

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The greenhouses with backbone structures, are typical from Almeria,resulting from a transformation of flat greenhouses, in order to be able to evacuate rainwater, mainly because when it rains in the flat greenhouses, large pockets form water are formed and they damage and seriously compromise the structure.

Novedades Agrícolas makes this greenhouse under its brand APR, calling this model as apL.

The upper part of this greenhouse is known as "backbone" and it is supported by galvanized or rolled and wire or wire strands braid tubes, and the lower part, known as "amagado" binds to the structure by iron forks subject to the base of the greenhouse



  • Inexpensive and simple greenhouse.
  • Offer better climate control capability.
  • Increased sealing capacity.
  • Allow installation of zenith windows.
  • Fast to assemble and needs no welding.

Standard Features:

The standard dimensions of this type of greenhouse are:

  • Width: 8- 9.60 -10 m.
  • Pillar height: 7 m.
  • Distance between columns: 8 - 9.60 - 10 m. (internos) 5 m. (externos).
  • Racks perimeter reinforcement.

Fundamental structural parts:

  • pilares-APR 


    • Perimeter pillars: Round hot galvanized tube.
    • Interior pillars: Round hot galvanized tube.
  • refuerzos-APR 


    • Edge Reinforcements: Rest foot or lateral reinforcements.
    • Interior Reinforcements: K Reinforced or St. Andrew's crosses
  • canales-APR 


    • Function rain water drainage.
    • The volume of water capable of dislodging is based on the development of the sheet with which it is manufactured.
  • cimentacion 

    Foundation / Supports:

    • Cylindrical concrete blocks manufactured in situ placed on small caissons.


When is your right choice?

This greenhouses are recommended for temperate climates. They are not recommended for cold climates due to sealing and insulation issues.
Because of its design, its low height confers resistance to strong winds.


Why choose APR Greenhouses? 

APR Greenhouses designs, manufactures, builds and installs all types of greenhouse structures technologically efficient, modern, and functional for intensive agriculture we offer our customers for immediate implementation.

Furthermore, Novedades Agricolas is the best company in this sector that offers a complete service in this facility because we have our own brands in Irrigation (XILEMA®), Climate Control (CLIMATEC®), Phytosanitary treatments (HUMIFITO®), and all this coupled with over 35 years of experience and the best quality materials certified under ISO 9002.